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01/08/2016 at 7:27pm
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Fabulous  Experience  
As a keen great outdoors person I love exploring and watching what mother nature has to offer us, whether that being breathtaking scenery or admiring natures animal kingdom.During last years whale watching migration I had a amazing experience,  enjoying an  awe inspriring day viewing these magnificent creatures of the deep upclose in their natural environment  relaxing and playing  in the calm waters of Platypus Bay on the northern end of Fraser Island .Travelling with a  professional ,well organised and friendly crew, together with a catamaran designed for the whale watching that offers 3 viewing levels with 360 degree views  that never seem crowded  was a real delight, from the moment we left Hervey Bay Marina it was fast and smooth cruising to Playpus Bay. It wasn’t long before we saw our first sighting, each encounter during the day  was a highlight, and gave us a  better understanding of these creatures behaveour. From energetic breaching to playful antics along with calm and nurturing lessons between mother and calf whales . It was a  truly magnificent sight, seeing  mother nature at its best.
 Again its that time of year when these giants of the sea visit our part of the world, I can highly recommend  going a see these magnificent gentle mammals.
For me it wont be to long before I will again be cruising the blue waters of Platypus Bay to see these amazing creatures
( Whalewatching Season in Queensland  from July – Oct  )
By Raymond Lewis
Travel consultant
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